Stalling for Time


It’s been a while without an update, as progress was halted for a while.
But with fresh spring air comes new motivation, and the writer is rejuvenated.
Anything worth doing takes time, after all.

Picking up where I left off was tricky and there is a lot of writing to organize into its place.  Construction of the novel’s timeline of events is currently in non-linear fashion, making for quite the challenge.

Many aspects of the story’s history have also changed, and right now it is dangerously close t0 being re-written from ground zero.

Until next time,


Good News


So I am happy to report that the new year has brought with it an unprecedented amount of motivation to get my work recognized and my ideas realized. I am not only working on fictional matter but real world events as well.

Great progress has been made recently, and I will be posting chapters of the (untitled) story as they are completed. But I haven’t forgotten what I promised; and a short synopsis WILL be posted before long.

Until then, Happy 2012 and stay tuned!


Well well, another three-hundred and sixty-five in the bank, eh?

I don’t know about the rest of you but I plan on celebrating the end of this year in glorious drunken revelry. Next week I will post a short summary of what you can expect in my story.

Happy New Years everyone!

First Word Press!


Hello, I am Jaime and welcome to my blog.

I will be using this to share my writing and music with the world, and hopefully meet some other like-minded folk with which to share ideas and collaborate.

Right now I am in the process of working on a book, one that I have been meaning to write for years but never quite got around to it. It is a culmination of years of imaginative ideas and inspiration. Everything from my love of fantasy and science fiction, to my die-hard affection for video games, and even my real life experience is going into this project, and I hope it all goes well!

I will be releasing bits and pieces of the story in the coming months, along with character details, maps, and my own drawings (If I can find a way to scan them!) I expect to share a bit of the story in the next few weeks. Check back weekly for updates!